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Merely a Setback: A Podcast about Storytelling in the World of Warcraft

Feb 21, 2018

This week we go off script for, like, 45 minutes to discuss allied races. We cover news of a Warcraft 3 special event, discuss the race starting quests, and more!

Feb 1, 2018

In this episode we dig into Battle for Azeroth info dump and try to make sense of what the story might be in the lead up to the Siege of Lordaeron. We explore the datamined Horde opening scenario and speculate about the Alliance.

Jan 26, 2018

In this episode the gang gets in depth about the new King of Stormwind and speculate as to what the spark is that starts the fire that will be Battle for Azeroth.

Jan 15, 2018

In this episode we proudly welcome our first ever guests to the show: Taliesin and Evitel! Join us for a continued conversation of the transition from Legion to Battle for Azeroth, with particular attention given to the story of Jaina Proudmoore.

Jan 9, 2018

The crew is back! Join us as we discuss the history of faction conflict and speculate about who is to blame for the burning of Teldrassil. We also announce our first guest hosts to join us next week: Taliesin & Evitel!