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Merely a Setback: A Podcast about Storytelling in the World of Warcraft

Jul 19, 2018

This week the setback crew says goodbye to Legion and all of it's green-fire glory. Join us as we look back at one of our favorite expansions so far!

Jul 3, 2018

This week it's just Sharku and Jared as Shoeboots is off getting Lei'd in Hawaii! We chat about Beta and PTR news, discuss the current situation regarding the Alliance/Horde war, and speculate on a Calia Menethinl's relationship status. Check us out!

Jun 26, 2018

The Setback crew covers as much as we can in two hours from Christie Golden's new book Before the Storm. HUGE SPOILERS! Enjot general thoughts, character discussions and more! 

Jun 12, 2018

This week Sharku offends the entire nation of Canada (again), the fellas discuss sexy-boy night elves, and we pour over all the cool plot development we get from the latest pre-expansion comic! 

Jun 5, 2018

Scott Johnson of the Instance joins the loremasters for a week! Find out if any of our crew can outmatch the godfather of WoW podcasting in Warcraft trivia!